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GEX Aqua Perco (USB Glass tank)

GEX Aqua Perco (USB Glass tank)

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Create a wonderful interior space in your room!

An all-in-one aquarium set that allows you to start glass aqua right away.

By adopting U-SYSTEM, equipment and cords can be neatly hidden, and the inside of the tank is neat.

[This product does not come with a USB adapter. A USB adapter of DC5V 1A or more is required for each LED and pump. Please purchase a commercially available USB adapter (DC5V 1A or higher).]

Comes standard with a high-brightness LED light that brightly illuminates the inside of the aquarium! If you purchase a clear LED flatty (sold separately), you can install up to 3 of them! Among them, it is possible to match it with various ways of enjoying, such as installing it as an interior with overwhelming brightness. Maintenance is easy and convenient! You can change the water from the U-TOWER without disturbing the layout! You can drain and change the water without touching the inside of the layout tank, so it's kind to the fish. You can also enjoy it with the water level lowered. By prioritizing the bottom filtration, it is possible to compensate for the reduction in filtration efficiency due to the low water level inside the U-TOWER. If you want to grow tall terrariums or plants, a filter tank lid that can be used even if the LED is removed is included.

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