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GEX Medaka Rice Fish 37cm Plastic Bowl/Pot Bundle

GEX Medaka Rice Fish 37cm Plastic Bowl/Pot Bundle

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GEX 37cm Bowl

A breeding/fish keeping pot exclusively for your medaka rich fish or any small fishes.
Only 565g because it is made of resin.

Comes with two drainage holes for peace of mind even when the water suddenly increases. Ideal for outdoor breeding/fish keeping.

There are 3 small drainage holes in the vertical direction, which prevents small fishes from getting out and drains rainwater.

The other double drainage hole is a 6mm hole located at a slightly higher water level. This is not only suitable for sudden rain, but also allows you to connect with an airpump.and pass an air tube through it.

There is a round guide at the bottom of the pot, so you can conveniently place water lily pots and Best Bio Blocks.

Dimensions: 37cm diameter, 20cm height, 12L capacity, 565g weight

GEX Medaka Rice Fish Bundle comes with:
1x dark brown or black GEX 37cm bowl
1x GEX e-Air 2000SB air pump with 1m air tubing
1x sponge filter

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